Gemayel Deems Lebanese Parliament as 'Sterile'

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Gemayel Deems Lebanese Parliament as 'Sterile'

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel reiterated need to form an independent government that would implement the country's necessary reforms, organize fair parliamentary elections and help elect a new President, accusing the Parliament and the current ruling system in failure in handling the Lebanese’ needs and the country’s main issues.

“The problem today is that officials do not feel people’s pain and they have turned the Lebanese into hostages,” Gemayel said in an interview with MTV, calling on the political class as a whole to leave as soon as possible.

“Let everyone know that this Parliament is a “sterile” Parliament,” he affirmed, stressing that they do not distinguish between this system’s members who all belong to the logic of quotas and the lack of responsibility towards the Lebanese.

“Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri cannot chair an independent government as the other political forces will demand to participate and this will bring us back to zero,” he said.

“An independent person must be chairing the government,” he pointed out.

“We are heading to establish a coalition with all those who resemble us, starting with the independent lawmakers, the youth groups that are finally emerging and many independent figures from several different regions,” he noted.

The Kataeb leader said that March 14 coalition does no longer match their beliefs, saying they have taken other options that are different than theirs.

“They have participated in the presidential settlement, they have approved budgets that had led the country to the stage it is facing today and have voted on an electoral law that helped Hezbollah control the country,” he said.

“These choices were the dividing line in our relationship with our allies,” he added.

Gemayel deemed the disagreement between him and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea as political not a personal one, saying that as soon as the latter took part in the presidential settlement each party took a different path.

“Our stance is clear and that is not to ally with the political system that has concluded the presidential settlement and has been responsible for all the problems the Lebanese are experiencing today,” Gemayel answered on a question whether they have rejected the discussion with the youth groups regarding the issue of alliance with the Lebanese Forces.

“It is time for every faction to bear the responsibility of its choices,” he added, affirming that any political debate is always welcomed.

Gemayel deemed the step taken by Judge Fadi Sawan regarding the investigation into the Beirut Port blast is good but incomplete, saying that the latter has to expand the scope of the allegations.

“Those who are responsible of the explosion are many, starting with the ministries to the security services," he said.

“Sawan surely did a bold move and has gave for the first time a real opportunity to hold every person involved accountable," he nsaid.

" But no one should be excluded from the investigation,” he asserted.

“Everyone should be questioned including caretaker Prime Hassan Diab and President Michel Aoun who was aware since the begining of the presence of the explosive materials at the port,” he said.

Gemayel deemed Hezbollah as the only barrier between the old and the new Lebanon, saying that the Lebanese Judiciary is facing a historical breakthrough.

“The only hope we have today is that the judicial body would unite together and face the political pressure that has been exerting on it,” he said.