Eyes on France after Local Attempts Fail to Break Cabinet Impasse

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Eyes on France after Local Attempts Fail to Break Cabinet Impasse

After failed local attempts to break the Cabinet deadlock, attention has been shifted to France’s possible intervention to help in the formation of a new government to enact reforms in line with a French initiative to rescue Lebanon from multiple crises, political sources said Tuesday.

Hopes for reviving the stalled French initiative rose following a statement issued by the Elysee Palace Sunday night saying that the situation in Lebanon was among topics discussed during French President Emmanuel Macron’s first phone conversation with US President Joe Biden.

The statement spoke of “rapprochement and readiness [between Macron and Biden] to work together for the sake of peace and stability in the Near and Middle East, particularly regarding Iran’s nuclear file and the situation in Lebanon.”

“In light of the Elysee statement and after the failure of local mediation efforts to break the impasse in the Cabinet formation process, attention is now focused on France’s possible role to help resolve differences over the formation of a new government,” an official source familiar with the matter told The Daily Star.

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Source: The Daily Star