Lebanese Activist Found Dead in South Lebanon

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Lebanese Activist Found Dead in South Lebanon

Lebanese analyst and political activist Lokman Slim was found dead earlier this morning inside of his car in Nabattyieh, security sources said.

Contact with Slim was lost since Wednesday evening during his visit to his friend’s house in one of the Southern Lebanon villages.

Slim was assassinated with five gunshot wounds, 4 bullets in the head and one in the back.

A journalist, and activist known as one of the leading Shiite voices criticizing Hezbollah, Slim was frequently attacked in media loyal to the powerful group.

Slim's sister, Rasha al-Ameer said before his death was even confirmed that his disappearance was certainly linked to his political opinions.

"He had a political stance, why else would he have been kidnapped," she told AFP.



Source: Kataeb.org