Lebanon Has Now Become at Heart of Storm

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Lebanon Has Now Become at Heart of Storm

Kataeb political bureau Alain Hakim on Thursday stressed that the Lebanese have now become at the heart of the storm, saying that the first reason behind the country's deteriorating economic situation is the political problem and the citizens’ lack of trust in the ruling authority.

"The security instability, the lack of confidence and the monetary energy that people have are the three main reasons that have led the country to the phase it is facing today,” Hakim told Al-Joumhouria newspaper.

“If there was any trust, the economic movement could have been restored to circulation through the Lebanese deposits abroad and the Central Bank’s reserves estimated at twenty billion dollars,” he said.

“Where are the steps taken by the government? Has it taken a single decision to solve the problem?” he asked.

"The first reason for the dollar increase in the country is the political problem and the lack of confidence in the authority. The interactions directly affect the economy, in addition to the decrease in transfers from abroad and the penalties that some banks are exposed to, which caused a total ban from banks in the country,” he added.



Source: Kataeb.org