Kataeb Party Reiterates Need for Lawmakers' Resignation, Calls for a Real Change

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Kataeb Party Reiterates Need for Lawmakers' Resignation, Calls for a Real Change

The Kataeb party on Tuesday reiterated need for all lawmakers to resign, saying that they have now become false witnesses who speak out against the authority’s actions, but in reality they are financing its corruption.

“It is better for them to resign and leave the opportunity for people who really seek change,” read a statement issued by the party’s political bureau following its weekly meeting.

The party slammed the ongoing collapse the country is witnessing today as a result of some practices carried out by a reckless group, saying that they have no concern but to hide behind flimsy justifications for personal demands.

“An opportunity should be given for Lebanon’s salvation through treatments that begins with forming a government of specialists that has a clear program, implementing reforms and negotiating with the International Monetary Funds,” the statement added.

The Political Bureau urged the countries friendly to Lebanon to continue exerting pressure on the criminals against the Lebanese people, calling for the implementation of all international decisions to protect Lebanon, establish its sovereignty and secure its neutrality.

The party slammed the stalling in the coronavirus vaccination process and the attempts to circumvent its politicization and the people's wish to secure doses for it within the political clientelism lists or sell it at double its price, forgetting the international loan that was obtained in the name of the Lebanese and from their account.


Source: Kataeb.org