Kataeb Party Commemorates 'Martyrs Day' on 46th Lebanese Resistance Anniversary

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The Lebanese Kataeb party on Tuesday commemorated the "Martyrs Day" at the Independence Museum to mark the 46th anniversary of the beginning of the Lebanese resistance which was formed to defend the country against the malicious scheme to alter Lebanon's identity during the 15-year Civil War which broke out in 1975.

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel hailed all the martyrs who have defended Lebanon, saying they have died in defense of the country’s identity, sovereignty and independence.

“It is true that you have fought in the ranks of the Kataeb but you have died for Lebanon. For the sake of Lebanon,” Gemayel said.

“Your martyrdom does not belong to any party, category or person. You martyrdom belongs to every Lebanese citizen,” he added.

"Your loss imposes duties on us. Defending Lebanon's identity is not a choice rather a duty, defending the country’s sovereignty is a duty, defending justice and holding the corrupted accountable is a duty,” he pointed out.

Gemayel deemed defending citizenship and pluralism as a duty not a choice, stressing the need to present the Lebanese a socio-economic plan to save them from the disaster they are today experiencing.

“To all those trying to leave us as prisoners of war and divisions of the past, we tell you that is enough!”

“To all those threatening us with civil war, it is enough!”

“To all those dragging our country and our future as a hostage of their weapons to achieve other countries' interests, we tell you, enough!”

The Kataeb leader called on Lebanese officials to resign, slamming them for their failure in properly addressing people’s problems namely following the Beirut port explosion on August 4th.

“The Lebanese are starving and suffering while you are doing nothing to make the situation better,” he said.

“Let the Lebanese people save themselves and build their country all over again,” he added.

Gemayel renewed the party’s oath, saying that they will always remain free from all partisan interests.

“Our only slogan will always be “in the service of Lebanon,” he added.

“They might try to distort our struggle. We will never retreat and no matter how much they try to threaten us, we will never be afraid,” he said.

“We have a strong faith in Lebanon. We derive our strength from you and from all the Lebanese,” he concluded.



Source: Kataeb.org