Hankache Blames Hezbollah for Lebanon’s Deteriorated Situation

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Hankache Blames Hezbollah for Lebanon’s Deteriorated Situation

Resigned Kataeb lawmaker Elias Hankache on Wednesday deemed the policy of Hezbollah in adopting the foreign agendas as the cause of the humiliation that the Lebanese are facing, calling the party to stop desecrating the State’s, breaking its prestige, and controlling all its decisions.

“Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is challenging the State which means that he is challenging himself, since Hezbollah is ruling the country. All the problems we are currently going through such as bankruptcy, starvation and international isolation are the result of Hezbollah’s control over Lebanon,” Hankache said in an interview with AL-Horra channel.

Hankache stressed that Hezbollah is the one controlling all the State’s functions including the illegal crossings and the trafficking operations to Syria, saying that is the cause of corruption and waste.

“Importing petrol from Iran puts Lebanon at risk of being sanctioned and isolated,” he noted.

The resigned lawmaker called for Lebanon’s neutrality so as to end the collapse prevailing over the country, saying that Hezbollah insists on dragging the country to failure.

Source: Kataeb.org