Hankache Deems Ruling Authority as Main Reason behind Lebanese Humiliation

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Hankache Deems Ruling Authority as Main Reason behind Lebanese Humiliation

Resigned Kataeb lawmaker Elias Hankache on Sunday deemed the current ruling authority as the main reason behind the Lebanese sufferings and humiliation, saying that the worse dictatorships in the world haven’t dealt with its people as the Lebanese State did with its citizens.

“Lebanon is facing its worse crisis since the civil war. The country is drowning without a government, fuel stations are empty from gas, hospitals have no enough beds and people’s living conditions are deteriorating,” Hankache told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“The existing authorities have lost their legitimacy, not because of the Beirut port explosion or the unemployment, but because this country does not provide its residents with food, gasoline and medicine. Instead of saving the situation they do nothing but silently watch people’s sufferings,” he said.

Hankache stressed that the Lebanese people are being held a hostage by this authority, calling the current system to resign as soon as possible.

“Lebanon should take a completely neutral stance and manage its affairs by itself instead of begging from abroad, and a conference of reconciliation and frankness that we had previously talked about 10 years ago should be organized,” he noted.

“As for the beginning of reform, the Kataeb party referred to it through 3 supports: the pluralism administration, the decentralization law and neutrality."

"Instead of the President being on the sidelines of the international contacts, we see that the official Lebanon is isolated and being unconcerned by the major countries, namely the seven countries, as if the ruling authority was being removed for the sake of foreign tutelage,” he added.

"We have no confidence except in the awareness of the Lebanese people and their resentment against the Lebanese officials, despite the fact that clientelism is at its highest levels today, and it is well known that whoever wants to control a people is starving them, and this is what our state has done,” he said.


Source: Kataeb.org