Kataeb Party: The Lebanese Will Prove Authority's Incompetence in the Ballot Boxes

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Kataeb Party: The Lebanese Will Prove Authority's Incompetence in the Ballot Boxes

The Kataeb party on Tuesday slammed the current ruling system for its failure in addressing people's problems and dragging the country towards collapse, saying that the Lebanese will prove its incompetence in the next parliamentary elections and the ballot boxes.

“Lebanon is on top of the list of the most failed States, and most of his people are classified as poor. Many conferences are being held to provide it with the basics while the global organizations warn and the international financial institutions expect the greatest coming, whereas the country's fate depends on a government that is chucked by a corrupted system,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political Bureau following its weekly meeting in Saifi.

“This authority hasn’t yet understood that its approach is fatal and it is dragging the Lebanese people to the bottom,” it said.

“A comprehensive plan is required from all forums, from the competent authorities internally and externally so as to halt the current breakdown,” it added.

The party stressed that the Parliament has today proved its failure in adopting the required laws, the last of them was the Capitol Control, which was considered by the International Bank as useless, saying that now they are asking the Bank to fund the money of all the projects they have failed to implement.

“It wasn’t enough for this authority to withhold medicine from patients and humiliate the Lebanese in front of the gas stations. Today, it is resorting to new superstitions requiring the provision of gasoline without subsidy, so that the Lebanese would bear its cost if they wanted to continue their work, while the subsidized substance was taking its way to uncontrolled smuggling,” it added.

“How can the settlement parties allow themselves to object on such a performance while they have handed the country to Hezbollah that is now controlling the country’s sovereign, political, financial and economic decisions,” it said.


Source: Kataeb.org