Gemayel Meets with EU Election Observation Mission Chief, Stresses Need to Hold Elections on Time

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Friday met with EU Election Observation Mission Chief, Elena Valenciano at his office in Bickfayya, with talks featuring high on the necessity to hold parliamentary elections on time, under an international supervision so as to preserve the Lebanese’ democratic right in choosing their representatives.

Gemayel presented the party's legal and technical remarks regarding the election law, calling on the European Union and the international community to play an important role in monitoring the elections in order to preserve their good conduct and integrity.

The meeting was attended by the party’s International Affairs Coordinator Marwan Abdallah, the party’s Foreign Affairs Head Dr. Michel Abi Abdallah, Head of the media department Patrick Richa, Head of the elections department Ralph Sahyoun, and Gemayel’s chief of staff Bruno Attieh.