Tawile: The Battle Begins Now!

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Tawile: The Battle Begins Now!

Head of the Kataeb’s Economic and Social Council on Monday stressed that the problem today is not in the country itself but in the current ruling authority that has created a destructive system and approach, saying that it only cares about its personal interests rather the Lebanese welfares.

“As long as this authority exists, it will remain the biggest obstacle to building a State of law and institutions, creating a business environment and ensuring every Lebanese an appropriate education and a suitable medical care,” Tawile told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“The authority had become weak, and the battle which has now begun should never stop,” he said, saying that the solutions are clear, present and easy.

“The rise in the dollar exchange rate was caused by the tragic scene we are witnessing. After 9 months of trying to form a government, caretaker PM Saad Hariri resigned when he could have resigned before,” he added.

Tawile affirmed that many countries have given Lebanon money in the past, saying that they have eventually understood that the State will not be built in such way and that the required reforms are in the country’s interest, not the nations abroad.

“We need a government that includes a homogeneous working group that agrees on a rescue project and prepares for parliamentary elections so it becomes a historic opportunity for the people to revolt against this political authority,” he concluded.

Source: Kataeb.org