Sayegh : Government Decrees Are Manned by Hezbollah

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Sayegh : Government Decrees Are Manned by Hezbollah

Kataeb party's Deputy President Selim Sayegh on Saturday affirmed that if the government decrees will be issued, they will be issued in favour of Hezbollah.

“The international community is exerting all its effort so as to preserve Lebanon, while iran is controlling the country,” said Sayegh in an interview with Al-Nadim website.

“Prime Minister- designate Najib Mikati won’t tolerate being treated as Hariri. On the contrary he will try to show that they are paving the way for him to form a new government,” he added.

Sayegh deemed the Beirut Port blast as a disaster, saying the way it was addressed was also a disaster.

“ The only remaining solution to save our country is change , by acting rather than saying, “ he concluded.