Beirut Port Blast in Numbers

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Beirut Port Blast in Numbers

Lebanon on Wednesday marks a year since a fire at Beirut's port led to the country's worst peacetime disaster and precipitated its decline.

The August 4, 2020 blast and its aftermath in numbers:

214: people killed

6,500: people injured

300,000: people left homeless immediately after the explosion

70,000: people who lost their jobs due to the blast

73,000: damaged apartments

9,200: damaged buildings

163: damaged schools and educational centres

106: damaged health care facilities, including six hospitals and 20 clinics

2,750: tonnes of ammonium nitrate initially stored at the port

6: years it was stored in the warehouse that blew up

3.3 to 4.5: estimated magnitude of equivalent earthquake

200: kilometres to Cyprus, where a shock wave was felt

5: days the government said it would take for initial findings

0: people sentenced over the blast

6: days after blast the government resigned

359: days Lebanon has been without a government since


Source: AFP