Le Figaro: In Lebanon, Discontent Is Rising against Hezbollah

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Le Figaro: In Lebanon, Discontent Is Rising against Hezbollah

Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Under the headline: “Anger is rising against Hezbollah”, the French newspaper “Le Figaro” said in its issue issued today, Monday, August 09, 2021, that the recent confrontations between the Hezbollah militia and Israel escalated It highlights the gap between the pro-Iranian movement and other societies.

Le Figaro added that Hezbollah militants were attacked during an operation against Israel on Friday, August 6, in the Druze village of Shawaya in southern Lebanon, which is an unprecedented sight. According to Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, who spoke in Al-Mawali, it is a matter of responding in an “appropriate and proportionate” manner to the Israeli air force, which bombed “open areas” of Lebanese territory the day before, in a first-of-its-kind move. Since 2014. Nasrallah justified what happened, saying: “We hit from there because we were unable to hit our targets from another point.”

The village is actually outside the UNIFIL area of ​​operations and faces the Shebaa Farms, the disputed area between Lebanon, Syria and Israel, towards which Hezbollah launched a barrage of rockets. After that, the two warring parties were able to return to the previous situation, notes Le Figaro.

As is often the case in Lebanon, skirmishes in Shawaya quickly turned into a societal incident, raising fears of a repeat of “the events of 2008”, when Hezbollah took control of Beirut by force. At that time, his fighters clashed with other sects, especially the Druze and Sunnis. This issue is more present in the minds with the increase in sectarian tensions, says “Le Figaro”, recalling what happened, in early August, in the town of Khaldeh at the entrance to the southern suburb of Beirut, where three people were killed and several people from Hezbollah were injured. , in an armed clash between members of a Sunni Arab tribe and supporters of Shiite militias, during the funeral of a party member who was killed in revenge.

Le Figaro went on to stress that the pro-Iranian Shiite group Hezbollah is already facing increasing opposition from its political opponents, who are leading a smear campaign ahead of the 2022 legislative elections. “These tensions also reflect the anxiety of many Lebanese who increasingly feel they are being held hostage between Iran and the United States,” he said.

Le Figaro indicated that during the commemoration of the August 4, 2020 disaster, there were demands for “Iran’s exit from Lebanon”, while others chanted “Hezbollah is a terrorist!”, representing a segment of the Lebanese, did not In their view, Hezbollah embodies the resistance against Israel, but rather the militia apparatus that has taken control of the Lebanese state and prevents any political change, says the French newspaper.


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