Kataeb Party Slams State's Absence over Lebanon's Sovereignty

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Kataeb Party Slams State's Absence over Lebanon's Sovereignty

The Kataeb party on Tuesday affirmed that the State’s absence over Lebanon’s sovereignty is exposing it on the security and the sectarian level, saying that Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi has raised the voice with the truth.

“The security incidents that occurred in Southern Lebanon almost a week ago proves that the Constitution of the country and the international laws are controlled by Hezbollah,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“It’s a wakeup call for all the officials to allow the Lebanese army to control weapons and let the international forces to monitor the implementation of the Nations resolutions,” the statement said.

The Kataeb party stressed that Hezbollah’s weapons and its regional ties cannot be considered as internal and Lebanese as they lie under the responsibility of the international community, saying that sending any illegal weapons and money that would threaten the country’s sovereignty should be forbidden.

“Lebanon cannot stand with such officials who are proving their failure every day. The only way to save our country is by bringing down this Parliament and allowing people to vote for new people in a bid to change ,” it concluded.

The Political Bureau condemned the campaign launched against the Patriarch for him speaking the truth and defending the Lebanese rights.


Source: Kataeb.org