Gemayel: Hezbollah Leads a Coup against the Law and the Constitution

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Gemayel: Hezbollah Leads a Coup against the Law and the Constitution

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday accused Hezbollah and President Michel Aoun of carrying out a coup d'état against the law, the Constitution and the Lebanese’ interests by facilitating the smuggling operations into Syria. “The problem is not that Lebanon is under siege. In reality, Lebanon is a failed state unable to import and subsidize fuel. If the state allows the unloading of the Iranian oil cargo on its way to Beirut, Lebanon will face severe international sanctions, including a trade embargo and an exclusion from the international banking system. " Gemayel told MTV.

"This is the role of the next government that should be formed,” he said.

"I doubt that the next government will be able to win the confidence of the external parties, because the sides that they form through quotas are in a state of conflict with the the Arab countries and the international community,” he added.

Gemayel stressed that there is a vacuum currently prevailing over the institutions, calling for lifting the lid on the institutions, re-establishing power through parliamentary elections or forming a transitional government that would take over the country for a certain period.

“Hezbollah owns the majority and thus the decision. Whenever it wants to approve something, it will,” he added.

“Pressure must be exerted on the next government so as to take measures and present a draft law, and we are studying the appropriate mechanism so as to abolish the election of only six lawmakers and for the expatriate to vote for 128 deputies," Gemayel concluded.