Illegally Hoarded Medicines Seized in Raids Near Sidon

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Illegally Hoarded Medicines Seized in Raids Near Sidon

Caretaker Health Minister Hamad Hassan overnight Monday visited two warehouses used to store hoarded medicines after they were raided by security forces. The first warehouse was in the Jadra area of the Kharoub region, while the second was in the Al-Aqibiya locality in Al-Zahrani.

Accompanied by inspectors from the Health Ministry and members of the judicial police and security forces, Hassan said the warehouses contained illegally hoarded serums and infant formulas along with medicines that could be used for the treatment of chronic conditions. The minister said he had spoken to Public Prosecutor Raheef Ramadan and informed him that the Al-Aqibiya warehouse was to be sealed with red wax until Tuesday morning, at which time it would be opened in the presence of local pharmacists and the general public so that they could obtain the badly needed medicine.

 After his tour Hassan described the incident as "tragic, inhumane, irreligious, and immoral."

He pointed out that the two warehouses contained hundreds of types of medicines missing in the market that were essential to the treatment of chronic conditions. Some of the medicines, he said, would be lifesavers for Lebanese citizens.

Source: The Daily Star