Dagher: The Lebanese People Have Lost Confidence in this Ruling Class

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Dagher: The Lebanese People Have Lost Confidence in this Ruling Class

Kataeb Secretary General Serge Dagher on Monday blamed Hezbollah for the current deteriorated situation in the country.

“Today we are facing 2 scenarios: A government formed within 10 days headed by Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati and therefore a tendency to parliamentary elections to regulate the economic situation, either no government, and therefore a very worrying scenario, when we will face hunger and the Lebanese pound will be traded at 50,000 to the dollar,” Dagher said in an interview with LBCI.

"Either Hezbollah puts its hand entirely on the country and heads east and does not negotiate with the IMF and the situation in Lebanon becomes worse than the one that occurred in Venezuela or the party decides to take care only of its regions and maintain its security and then each region has its own security. Nor will any of the two eligibilities for the elections, parliamentary and the presidential one , be held ,” he added.

“Unfortunately, all our ambitions are to form a government headed by Mikati," he said.

Dagher also stressed that the political class is equally responsible for the suffering of the Lebanese, saying that the Kataeb party do not accuse any specific person, everyone is responsible, and the Lebanese people no longer have confidence in the political team that brought us to where we are today.

"The authority exterminated us, blew us up on August 4, robbed us, starved us, insulted us, humiliated us and abandoned us, so we must resist ," he pointed out.

“We ,as the Kataeb Party, are resuming what we have started five years ago, and we are working to form a unified front or a coalition that shows the forces of change and offers an alternative, and our goal is to be a large bloc in parliament that will be able to control, and change,” he added.

“The people or citizens are the revolutionaries, who have starved, abandoned and been humiliated, and today they have to make their own choices in the elections after they have seen the truth and illusions that this ruling elite made us live, and the most dangerous thing they are telling us is that the class itself will return after the elections and nothing will change,” He stressed.

"The Kataeb Party has already warned that we will reach collapse, but no one expected that the Lebanese people that have dignity would reach this level of humiliation," he said.

"We need men who have a real intention to reform, as they have morals, a plan and a conscience, and then change will be achieved quickly,” Dagher affirmed.

“ The visit of the Lebanese ministerial delegation to Syria was not an important event ,as the Head of Lebanon’s Directorate of General Security Abbas Ibrahim, went to Syria several times , but we wished that the Lebanese delegation would have taken a little dignity with it through the Lebanese flag,” he said.

“The region will be reviewed, due to several factors, including: The U.S.-Iranian negotiations and the re-installation of the Arab House, specifically Syria, as well as the rearrangement of the relationship between the Arabs and Iran, apart from normalization with Israel,” he concluded.

Source: Kataeb.org