EU Urges New Lebanese Govt to Adopt Reforms "Without Delay"

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EU Urges New Lebanese Govt to Adopt Reforms

The European Union Sunday urged Lebanon's new government to move quickly to adopt reforms that would pave the way for a deal with the International Monetary Fund to halt the country's economic collapse.

"The political, economic and social crises in the country have deteriorated markedly in the last months and weeks, the existing severe difficulties for the Lebanese people having been further aggravated by crippling power and fuel shortages," EU spokesperson said in a statement. "It is a matter of urgency to implement the measures and reforms needed to address the multiple crises affecting Lebanon, including an agreement with the International Monetary Fund." 

The statement said the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati, announced Friday, and all other state institutions and parties must now show resolve and ability to compromise to adopt "without delay" the measures needed to ensure that the immediate needs and further legitimate expectations of the Lebanese people are met.

"Additionally, preparations for the municipal, parliamentary and Presidential elections next year must start in earnest and ensure that they are free, fair, and transparent," the statement added.

Source: The Daily Star