Kataeb Party Says Current Government under Hezbollah Grip

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Kataeb Party Says Current Government under Hezbollah Grip

The Kataeb party on Wednesday deemed the formation of the new government as an extension of the previous ones, saying that it as unable to implement reforms and save Lebanon from the current deteriorated situation.

“We, as Kataeb party, refuse the policy of Hezbollah. We will continue fighting by exerting concerted efforts until change is achieved,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

The political bureau deemed the holding of the parliamentary elections under international sponsorship that guarantee the Lebanese to choose the competent people as the only effective way to save the country, while insisting on granting the expats their right to vote for all the seats in the parliament and not limiting their votes to six seats.

According to the Kataeb party, the renewal of the ruling class would pave the way for the building of the state and its institutions, and the establishment of economic recovery policies, in coordination with the International Monetary Fund.

The party said that importing gas from Egypt is a technical and fraternal process carried out by the Jordanian and Egyptian governments to support the resistance of the Lebanese society amid the absence of the state.

“We refuse any political exploitation made by Syria and its allies to turn this energy line into a spider web to restore the Syrian guardianship over Lebanon,” it added.

The kataeb party warned against the disposal of the $1 billion and 135 million dollars Lebanon has obtained from the International Monetary Fund, and wasting it so as to cover the current political authority with new fake projects or electoral assistance distributed to cronies through suspicious cards and projects under the title of aid.

“These funds are the right of the Lebanese people and must be spent with complete transparency in comprehensive, studied and sustainable reform projects that protect the Lebanese,” it stressed.

The Political bureau paid tribute to former President-elect Bachir Gemayel on the 39th anniversary of his assassination, affirming that it will not deviate or compromise until achieving the latter’s dream of having a new independent Lebanon.

And on the 29th anniversary of the kidnapping of Boutros Khawand, the party affirmed that the regime is rushing to Syria and it is dragged into the normalization process without revealing the fate of the kidnapped people in the Syrian prisons.

Boutros Khawand, a former member of the Kataeb political bureau, was seized by gunmen outside his home in Horch Tabet Beirut on September 15, 1992.

Source: Kataeb.org