Tawile : The Parliamentary Elections Are the Biggest Challenge

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Tawile : The Parliamentary Elections Are the Biggest Challenge

Head of the Kataeb’s Economic and Social Council, Jean Tawile on Friday stressed that the new government is deluding the Lebanese that the goal is to hold negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

“Today, the goal is to reach an agreement with the IMF and to start implementing a reform program, which contributes to the revival of the CEDRE conference by restoring confidence in the international community and then in the expatriates,” Tawile said in an interview with LBCI.

The objective of the CEDRE conference was to support the development and the strengthening of the Lebanese economy as part of a comprehensive plan for reform and for infrastructure investments.

“Lebanon has been without a fully empowered government since the 2020 Beirut port explosion .Today the new government should earn the trust of the Lebanese through 3 major steps : by stopping the collapse, providing a social insurance and holding transparent elections,” he pointed out.

Tawile stressed that the monetary policy should be changed, saying that it is necessary to consider all the remaining reserves as strategic resources, and to develop a clear and transparent plan to control these resources so as to ease the burden on the Lebanese people.

Tawile called for stopping currency printing, holding negotiations with the creditors and developing an integrated and comprehensive plan for monetary stability.

“The budget will be the biggest proof to reveal whether there is a real intention to change the old policy or it will be like the previous ones, a fake budget that does not include any clear economic and social plan,” he added.


“Importing the Iranian fuel to Lebanon is a propaganda. It is an unsustainable solution, rather a challenge to the international community, the state, law and the institutions,” Tawile said concerning the Iranian fuel shipments.


Tawile said that Hezbollah "acted without referring to anyone" and negotiated illegally, unlike any private sector that tries to import fuel.

“Why involving Lebanon, the people and the economy in something that may lead to entering into a path that we will not be able to tolerate, especially because of the external sanctions on everyone who deals with both Iran and Syria?” he asked.

“The visit of Prime Minister Najib Mikati today to France is the biggest proof that there is not an economic blockade on Lebanon,” he said.

“Usually, the blockade is declared, and the Lebanese people and the army have previously received humanitarian aid from countries .The international community has always stood by Lebanon and is helping it today to get out of this crisis,” he pointed out.

“The longer the approval of the ration card is postponed, the more likely its adoption will be turned into an electoral card,” he stressed.


“The parliamentary elections are the biggest challenge for the Lebanese. It is an opportunity to the Lebanese people to hold accountable this dreadful ruling elite,” he affirmed.

“In order to change the approach of this ruling class, we must hold accountable the responsibles of the Beirut port explosion that occurred on the 4th of august 2020. They must be held accountable for the humiliation that the Lebanese are experiencing every single day,” he added.

“To conclude, I hope that Mikati’s visit to France will address the crisis of the judiciary and activate a "real" judicial body capable of carrying out its duties in order to restore the rights of the families of the victims of the port explosion and to fight corruption and implement laws,” Tawile said.

Source: Kataeb.org