Gemayel: Time Has Come to Make the Right Decisions

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Gemayel: Time Has Come to Make the Right Decisions

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday affirmed that the kataeb party is a sovereign, independent party that refuses the seizure of the country by the militia of Hezbollah.

“ Martyrs Bachir Gemayel, Pierre Gemayel , Antoine Ghanem and 6000 more have died for the the sake of Lebanon,” Gemayel said during the inauguration of the new party’s office in Kaakour, Mount Lebanon.

“The Kataeb party admires the freedom to the point of martyrdom and those people have sacrificied themselves for the sake of Lebanon and its people,” he stressed.

Gemayel deemed the Kataeb party as the resistance, saying that the party refuses the policy of Iran that’s controlling Lebanon through Hezbollah’s militia.

“We are a Lebanese, sovereign, independent party that refuses the guardianship on the country after all the sacrifices that have been made and we will not accept any reference that turns back time ,” he pointed out.

“Our party’s mission is to set the Lebanese people and the state free from this ruling elite that have brought us to the brink of collapse,” he added.

“The Lebanese people found out the truth but it was too late. The country is under Hezbollah’s grip; Nasrallah is controlling the country: He formed the government, and he arranged the entry of the Iranian fuel shipments,” he affirmed.

“There are no excuses anymore; we have to start asking all our surroundings: What do we want for our future and for the future of our children? Is our fate to elect the same people and reach the same results?” He asked.

Gemayel stressed that time has come to make the right choices and to elect competent people who are willing to rebuild our beloved country.

“Change will be achieved and the right will prevail; we will not compromise and we will keep on fighting to rebuild our Lebanon,” he concluded.

For his part, resigned kataeb lawmaker Elias Hankache recalled Martyr Bachir Gemayel, and he hailed the strong state that existed when Martyr President Bachir Gemayel was in power.

“I am so proud to be part of the Kataeb party that keeps making right decisions,” he said.