Gemayel Warns of a Conspiracy against the Parliamentray Elections

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Gemayel Warns of a Conspiracy against the Parliamentray Elections

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday recalled the Beirut blast victims, blaming Hezbollah for interfering in the Lebanese judiciary concerning the investigation in the Beirut blast.

“In every crime that involves a politician, they find a way to escape accountability, and Lebanon has become a country of unaccountability and this contradicts our ambition for the country,” Gemayel said during a press conference held at the Kataeb party’s headquarters in Saifi.

Gemayel also accused the current system of handing the country’s total decision to Iran through Hezbollah that is controlling the institutions and the State as a whole, accusing the Lebanese politicians of the deteriorated situation the Lebanese people are experiencing.

“They have dragged the country to its worst phase due to their policy and settlements,” he said.

“The authority is unable to do anything that would help the Lebanese overcome their tragedies; poverty and immigration are increasing day after day as officials are standing still doing nothing ,” he pointed out.

“The last attempt in preventing accountability was in Adlieh by refusing to lift immunities and evasion, and when Judge Tarek Bitar discovered a loophole, they found another respond, which is an important order from Hezbollah,” he emphasized.

Gemayel also deemed the visit of the head of the Iran-backed militant group's Liaison and Coordination Unit Wafiq Safa to the senior judges as an encroachment on the victims of the Beirut blast.
“Encroaching on the legal course of the investigation in the Beirut Blast that occurred on the 4th of August, is an encroachment on all the Lebanese people,” he added.
“We will keep on fighting until we find out the truth. No killer can run away from the responsibility of assassinating Martyrs Rafik al Hariri, Pierre Gemayel and many more,” he affirmed.

“They are also preventing change, and today we see attempts to prevent any accountability and peaceful change through the ballot boxes and a hidden attempt to prevent expatriates from voting or modifying the election date,” he said.
“There is a conspiracy against the parliamentary elections, and our conference is proactive about what they can do,” he stressed.

“The expatriates don’t even know yet if they can vote and according to what law,” he added.
“After using the Judiciary, they use the security tool to target everyone who constitutes a guarantee for the Lebanese at all levels, and the Kataeb is an essential guarantee for the national sovereign change movement,” he affirmed.

“The Kataeb is the only party that carries out reform files and is able to gain credibility with everyone. The goal is to target anyone who constitutes a guarantee for the change-and-sovereign public that aspires to build a country,” he pointed out.

“What the Lebanese want is to get out of the pathological condition to a new situation that requires consideration of the political system and a real reconciliation between people to get out of the psychology of civil war and fear of the other,” he said.

“We want to move to a national situation, stop conflicting with the other, and build a country that respects its citizens as well as to adopt a different political system,” he stressed.

“We dream of a developed, neutral country that builds citizenship, worships the Lebanese flag, and puts Lebanon's interest above all else,” he added.

“We seek competent people to rule the country and that are able to rebuild our beloved country,” he emphasized.

Gemayel affirmed that the Kataeb party is standing still and it will remain and it has never given up, saying that the party took to the streets in 2015 and even before.
“We, as the Kataeb party, warned against the current situation the country is going through. All the promises were lies and the Kataeb party was the only one honest,” he added.

Gemayel affirmed his full support to the families’ victims, saying that the party will keep on fighting until justice is achieved.

“There is an overwhelming amount of evidence concerning the Beirut port explosion, and no one can run away from his responsibility,” he concluded.