EU Envoy :EU Ready to Support Government's Economic Rescue Plan

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EU Envoy :EU Ready to Support Government's Economic Rescue Plan

 The European Union is ready to support the Lebanese government’s plan to rescue the debt-ridden country from its worst economic and financial crisis, the EU Ambassador to Lebanon Ralph Tarraf said Tuesday.

Tarraf spoke to reporters after he and ambassadors of other EU countries in Lebanon met with Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who briefed them on the government’s financial recovery plan to cope with unprecedented economic meltdown that is hitting the Lebanese hard and threatening them with poverty, hunger and unemployment. The talks also covered cooperation between Lebanon and the EU, which is a major trade partner with Beirut.

“Prime Minister Najib Mikati explained to us the priorities of his government’s program which conform to the policy statement. He explained to us the priorities with regard to the specialized sectors and we expressed our readiness to support the prime minister and the government’s plan of action and what it has promised to implement,” Tarraf said after meeting with Mikati at the Grand Serail.

Apparently referring to previous governments, which due to political differences had failed to deliver on their promises to carry out essential reforms, a key demand of international donors, Tarraf said: “We know that policies in Lebanon are difficult. That’s why not everything that is announced can be implemented. But at least the plans and projects that have been spelled out from our viewpoint deserve support. We encourage in particular the government in its efforts to tackle the economic crisis through which the country is passing. The European Union will always stand by Lebanon’s side.”

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