Gemayel Holds Ruling Elite Responsible for Lebanon’s Rift with Saudi Arabia

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Gemayel Holds Ruling Elite Responsible for Lebanon’s Rift with Saudi Arabia

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Saturday stressed that the insulting comments made by Information Minister Georges Kordahi were not just a mistake, saying that these remarks were aimed at leading the country to collapse and isolation.


“Kordahi's "disgraceful and biased" comments "offended the Gulf states which has helped Lebanon throughout its darkest time and especially in ‘July war’,” Gemayel said in an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station.


Kordahi said during an interview aired by an online show affiliated with Qatar’s Al Jazeera network that the Iran-backed Houthi rebels are "defending themselves... against an external aggression", adding that "homes, villages, funerals and weddings were being bombed" by the coalition.

“There are more than 300 Lebanese families living a decent life in the Gulf states. These countries welcomed and respected them and today these families are put at risk,” he emphasized.


“The larger exports are sold to the Gulf states. Do you even know what might happen to the Lebanese factories? Or to the employees that might lose their jobs because of these insulting comments?” he asked.


“The responsibility, first and foremost, in this regard lies with the ruling elite that has handed the country to Iran-backed Hezbollah and its professed hostility toward the Arabs and the Arab Gulf states,” he stressed.


“The Lebanese people won’t surrender and we will keep on fighting until change is achieved. We won’t let anyone take control over our nation,’ Gemayel concluded.