Sayegh: We Are Heading towards a Major Change

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Sayegh: We Are Heading towards a Major Change

Kataeb party's Deputy President Selim Sayegh on Wednesday called on the Lebanese judiciary to revolt, saying that the Lebanese people should go to the end with the battle of the Judiciary’s independence.

“The judiciary today is facing an international crime, not a local one, which is the Beirut port explosion,” Sayegh said in an interview with Suroyo TV.

“It is not Hezbollah’s responsibility only but the Lebanese politicians’ also who cover themselves behind lawmakers and ministers who do not appear before the Judiciary,” he added.

Sayegh stressed that they will demand that the votes be counted in the countries of emigration under the supervision of delegates so as to prevent fraud in the upcoming parliamentary elections, saying that in the previous polls many couldn’t vote.

“We will exert our efforts to preserve the 244,000 expatriates who registered for the elections,” he pointed out.

“We are heading towards a great change in Lebanon and the pulse of change is growing, and at the same time reaching power to achieve the right and the values we advocate,” he added.