Hankache Says Revolution Will Be Translated in Ballot Boxes

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Hankache Says Revolution Will Be Translated in Ballot Boxes

Resigned Kataeb lawmaker Elias Hankache on Thursday slammed the current economic situation currently prevailing over Lebanon, deeming it as a surreal scene that does not exist in any other country in the world.

“Officials are standing still doing nothing while the country is drowning and the Lebanese people are suffering,” Hankache said in an interview with New TV.

"The government hasn’t convened for 42 days and therefore the dollar has increased from LBP 20.000 to LBP 24000 without relying on any economic bases such as the supply, the demand and others. Meanwhile, a semi-civil war took place in Tayouneh, armed clashes in Wadi Jamous, a crisis with the Gulf States, in addition to lifting subsidies on medicine and random fires,” he added.

“The way this government has been formed was similar to the formation of all the previous ones. Thus, with no credibility,” he noted, deeming the parliamentary elections as the main solution to the country’s main problems.

“People have revolted, this revolution will be translated into the ballot boxes and the political class will be renewed,” he said.

Hankache stressed that the economic collapse the country is witnessing today is the result of the bad foreign policies taken over by the Free Patriotic Movement and dragged by Hezbollah, saying that the confrontation will take place through political means.

“Arrogance and intransigence are not suitable at this stage as politicians are risking an entire people.”

“Anyone who can create a security problem has the ability to disrupt the elections,” he added.



Source: Kataeb.org