Officials Discuss Waste Disposal Plans

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Officials Discuss Waste Disposal Plans

Prime Minister Najib Mikati met with Environment Minister Nasser Yassin to discuss a more sustainable plan for trash disposal, the NNA reports.

Here is what we know:

• Following the meeting, Minister Yassin said: “We discussed the issue of solid waste and the plan that we are working on for a more sustainable management [of trash].” He continued that “we are working to avoid a strike from workers of waste collection companies.”

• The companies' contracts are currently being managed by the Council for Development and Reconstruction, Yassin said, and will be amended with consideration of the depreciation of the Lebanese lira.

• “I will follow up on the issue with the Minister of Interior in order to avoid a crisis [of uncollected waste] on the street,” he added.

• On Wednesday, Ramco, the company contracted by the state to collect waste, said it asked the Council for Development and Reconstruction to launch a new tender and find another entity to replace it. In a statement, Ramco said authorities had not abided by the contract with CDR and the municipality of Beirut, “causing a huge financial loss” for the company.

Source: L'Orient Today