Dima Sadek Resigns from LBCI Channel

Dima Sadek Resigns from LBCI Channel

“I now understand that the reason I was being kept off air was a political one, which is something I won't accept, whether there is a revolution or not,” Sadek wrote in her Facebook post.

“I was taken off the air on the channel I work with three weeks ago because of a ... mistake,” she declared, adding that she had apologized for them and had been punished, yet “the administration did not specify the type and duration of this punishment, so I was kept off the air for no concrete reason.”

Sadek indicated that she was requested to tone down her online statements with the promise that she would return to her normal duties but that did not happen and was instead restricted again from going on air.

“I was only back to read the news and was kept away from political shows, and my tweets also started being monitored,” she said, pointing out to her phone being stolen during the Ring Bridge clashes between protesters and Amal Movement and Hezbollah supporters on Sunday night.

Source: Kataeb.org