New Filter Release That Enhances the Feminine Side of Every Instagrammable Lady

Eva Makdessi, Lebanese fashion and beauty consultant, launched her new instagram filter designed by @digitalsociopath.

Eva started working with Digital Socio Path to launch her new filter on Instagram, enhancing the features of every woman with a touch of femininity and a charming look! The title” Eve Beauty”, delicately chosen in reference to “Eve”, the symbol of feminism and beauty, also serves the same purpose!

Being a beauty and fashion consultant teaching various useful beauty and fashion tips to women in her magazine, Eva found it a necessity to create an instagram Filter giving a naturally beautifying glow online, to promote a healthy skin without the need of everyday make up! Due to her consecutive photoshoots, Eva is always fully dressed to stand in front of the camera which tires the skin on longterm. In addition, her unique new filter gives the confidence to every woman who uses it to stand in front of the camera without having to add make up on!

Embrace your features and Shine-on with “Eve Beauty” instagram filter that you will find on @Evamakdessiofficial page.