An Italian Village Will Pay You £40,000 to Move There Along with Cheap Rent

An Italian Village Will Pay You £40,000 to Move There Along with Cheap Rent

Not only that, there's also the offer of much cheaper rent when living in the hilltop village two hours from Rome.

The small village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio is trying to encourage more people to move and work from the settlement.

The deal includes a monthly wage for the first three years, up to the value of €8,000 (£7,200) per year - working out to just over £21,000.

A one-off grant of €20,000 (£18,000) will also be given for anyone starting a new business that helps the town, such as in the food or service industry.

While the deal also includes a deal on a rental property, this is yet to be established regarding how much new locals would pay.

The only catch is you must be able to become a resident of Italy, and be under 40. You must also live there for at least five years.

It isn't the same as the €1 houses often advertised in Italy, according to the Mayor Fabio Santavicca.

He told CNN Travel: "We're not selling anything to anyone -- this isn't a business move. We just want to enable the village to continue to live."

There are currently just 115 people living there, with more than half of them pensioners and less than 20 are kids under the age of 13, according to CNN.

More than 1,500 have applied since it was announced earlier this month, but lucky applicants are likely to be young couples, according to Mr Santavicca.

Sounds ideal? You have to be quick as the offer closes November 15.

Earlier this week, Salemi in Sicily announced they were offering more than 30 properties in need of renovation for just €1.

Other Italian regions who launched the scheme this year include Cinquefrondi in Calabria along with Taranto, in the heel of Italy, and Bisaccia in Campania.

Closer to home, a woman is auctioning off her £250k, five-bedroom house in the UK with all furniture included, for just £1 a ticket.

Source: The Sun