Snapchat Working Again after Crashing for Thousands of Users

Snapchat Working Again after Crashing for Thousands of Users

More than 100,000 users reported having issues with Snapchat on Friday morning after the app kept crashing.

"We’re aware of an issue preventing some Snapchatters from logging in,” the company said from Snapchat’s support account at 2.51am GMT. “Hang tight, we are looking into it and working on a fix!”
By 8am the issue was resolved, said another post. "If you're still having trouble, please manually update your app in the App Store," it advised.

Almost 125,000 users across US, Mexico, Europe and Australia reported having problems on Downdetector, a website reporting real-time tech outages.

Naturally, Twitter was sent into a tizzy, with plenty of memes being shared to keep those affected busy during the outage, causing #snapchatdown to trend worldwide.

"Snapchat breaking down on purpose just to remind everyone of the choke hold they have on us," one social media user wrote. "Toxic energy and I love it."

"Everyone coming to Twitter because Snapchat is down," another chimed in.

"I never want to go on Snapchat more than when I can’t go on Snapchat," said another user.

This incident comes after a bug prevented users from opening a version of the iOS app in June. The Android version appeared to be unaffected. The issue was fixed with an update that was released soon after.

n May, the company reported it had reached half a million monthly active users on the platform, which allows people to share messages, pictures and video that disappear within seconds.

It is most popular in the US, with more than 108 million users across the country, followed by India, France, the UK and Saudi Arabia.

Source: The National