Qabr Shamoun Case Is Referred to Military Court

Qabr Shamoun Case Is Referred to Military Court

Judge Imad Kabalan on Monday has referred the Qabr Shamoun case to the Military Court to decide whether to prosecute the current four detainees, after that the Internal Security Forces’ Information Branch wrapped up its investigations.

Lebanese Democratic Party Head, Talal Arslan, is adamant in his request that the case be referred to the Higher Judicial Council and the cabinet still has the chance to approve this referral.

Given the sensitivity of this case, which had disabled the Cabinet’s meetings for almost a month, Prime Minister Saad Hariri emphasized his rejection of the Cabinet’s division while General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim is conducting efforts to ease tensions.

“I am positive that a Cabinet session will be held this Thursday,” Economy Minister, Mansour Bteish, noted.