The World's Highest Cog Railroad Reopens in the Rocky Mountains

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The World's Highest Cog Railroad Reopens in the Rocky Mountains

Visitors to Colorado can once again take a scenic train journey up Pikes Peak, after a famous cog railway service reopened after a three-year renovation period.

The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway began operating in June 1891. It is the world’s highest and longest cog railroad at 14,115 feet, and is the highest railroad in the US and Northern Hemisphere. The new upgrades include the addition of new trains, tracks and a depot, and the establishment of the Pikes Peak Visitor Center, which has an elevated pathway and overlook. The new visitor centre is opening in June.

The train's trip to the top of Pikes Peak begins and ends at the Manitou Depot, and takes one hour and ten minutes to reach the summit. After 40 minutes spent on top to take in the views, it's back to the depot, making it a round trip of approximately three hours. The views are what draw in eager visitors, as the Collegiate and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges are visible from the top, as is the Continental Divide, and Denver can even be seen on a clear day.

Along the way, guests get to learn about the history and geology of the mountains, and hear the stories of historical points and significant people who shaped the region. The train enters Pike National Forest and travels within the steep, rocky walls of Englemann Canyon, traveling past stacked boulder formations, a striking waterfall and through Deer Park.

Source: Lonely Planet